Grateful for The Recipe

Hubby and I have been sharing a rotten cold for more than a week now.  My brain has been so muddled that until this morning, I'd forgotten all about the comfort drink that has become a staple of cold soothing in our family.  I call it "The Recipe" in memory of the Baldwin Sisters of Walton's Mountain fame.  You may recall they were always offering samples of "Papa's Recipe" to anyone who might need a little lift.  It was used for medicinal purposes only of course, but I think the sisters dipped into it on a daily basis.  

My recipe is very simple, and moonshine free.  Fill a mug with a cup of boiling, water half a cube of McCormicks Chicken Flavoured Vegetable Bouillon, 1/4 teaspoon of fresh grated ginger (the pre-grated stuff from a jar will work also) and the juice of one lemon wedge.

I wish I could say The Recipe has the power to cure your cold, but alas, it cannot. There is something about sitting in a comfy chair and sipping the warm flavourful broth that's extremely soothing, both physically and mentally...and it tastes delicious!

I'm also grateful this morning for:

good weather on the drive to and from Penticton this weekend.

that my friend Donna did such a great job dog sitting for us.  Max and Pitou always get a good hike in with her and I'm sure she's their favourite Auntie.

the opportunity to stay home today and finish my book club book: The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse.

that the outdoor rink at Stuart Park opened this past weekend...can't wait to try out my new skates!

all the beauty of the season found on Pinterest.


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