When You Wish Upon A Tree

Last Saturday, when I read the instructions on Day 8 of the Act of Kindness Advent Calendar, I knew it was something I had to do. It put me in mind of the Faerie Tree on the Mission Greenway and as luck would have it, I live in the perfect location for a Wishing Tree.

Our house sits on a corner lot and there's a bus stop practically in the front yard.  We get a lot of pedestrian traffic with young people on their way to the nearby high school, lots of dog walkers and stroller pushers, and I was quite excited to see what the wishing tree would reveal.

It's been a thrill to go out each morning and see the numbers of new wishes grow exponentially each day. It's shown me that I'm surrounded by some very kind, caring people, and some of them could really use a hug.  I'd like to thank them for sharing their thoughts with me and the rest of their neighbours.  I'd also like to encourage you, dear reader,  to do this yourself.  As you can see, it doesn't have to be fancy and you can find the simple instructions here.

It's been a real thought provoking treat for me and I hope to follow up somehow after I've had some time to digest it all.  In the meantime I thought I'd share a few of the wishes with you and hope they touch your heart as they did mine

...may all your wishes come true!

January 30th Note:   
For more photos and the back story read this.  
For the latest development read this.
For a final list of the wishes read this.


  1. You may very well have the most beautiful wish tree on the planet. The one written by a child wishing people be nice to him/her really touched my heart. And, the one about find real love and having a family - it's hard to believe my life is wished by another. Makes me truly grateful!

    1. Thanks Lilly, there are some lovely wishes, many that make me tear up to read them.


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