Pigs, Pumpkins and Pooles

Two weeks ago, while looking for an east Kelowna winery to visit with my father-in-law, I stumbled across the McMillan Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch online.  I immediately knew we'd have to go there with my niece, in fact if my sister hadn't have been coming to visit this past weekend I would have been walking the streets of Kelowna begging someone to let me take their kids there.

We had a fun morning at the farm which is open from 10 to 6 daily until Hallowe'en.  I have to say the petting zoo was a bit of a disappointment as the pigs were the only animals you could really get near enough to pet.  There was also a llama, goats, chickens, and a bunny.  The corn maze was a lot of fun as was the gourd slingshot.  We decided to pass on the hayride as it had cooled down quite a bit and there was a twenty minute wait.  We were also worried about getting caught in the rain.

Uncle Monkey in the middle.

My husband kept disappearing from the back of the group, 
running parallel to us then sneaking across to try to scare us.

 Shane Josephine Elizabeth Poole

After the pumpkin patch we made a quick stop at the Superstore.  The kids played with the toys  and we looked for some rubber boots for Shane, as they'd been pretty scarce in the lower mainland since the first October rainfall.

From the Superstore it was a hop, skip and a jump to the Kelowna Farmers' and Crafters' Market where stopped at Las Mexicanas where you can have authentic tacos made by two sisters from Guadalajara.  The shells were freshly made, so soft and tasty (though small) and the green salsa was incredible.  We also hit the booth where two French ladies make wonderful crepes, some sweet, some savory and some gluten free!

We managed to fit a visit in with Nicole as well, by meeting for Breakfast at ABC restaurant this morning before she had to work.  I'd been planning to make Eggs Bennie for every one for Sunday breakfast and then I got a look at the ABC menu.  As they say, that's all she wrote!  I had the portobello mushroom and brie Bennie...to die for!


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