Grateful To Be Wrong

This is what I saw this morning from my side deck.

Out in minus 5 degrees in my jammies, I felt the cold prickle my skin; damp and frosty, as though invisible snowflakes hung in the air.  I was certain it would snow before the day was out.  Then, less than an hour later the sun came over the eastern hills creating that stunning contrast of dark and light that I so enjoy.

Another hour later I was ready to take the dogs up to Mission Ridge and the clouds had pressed in again.  I donned my fleece jacket, wool gloves and a hat.

By the time we reached the top of the ridge, my gloves were tucked into my pocket and I was considering wrapping the fleece around my waist.

I'm very grateful for the simple things today, the first of which is gratitude for being wrong about the weather!

I'm also grateful for:

My sister and her family's visit this past weekend.

My wise and witty seven year old niece who practices gratitude easily.  When the adults were discussing someone's choice to forgo chemotherapy she finished my comment: "A good quality of life..." with  " something to be thankful for...and cotton candy."

Stumbling upon McMillan Farm just in time for my niece's visit.

Rain that held off until we were in the car.

Dollar store gloves that seem to randomly disappear and multiply in my closet.

That we easily found rubber boots in my niece's size.   She lives in the lower mainland where they disappear very quickly once the Autumn rain begins.

The lovely weather we've had in October.  In the Okanagan, many people have a stream of company visit them in the summer, but our families live in places that have summers you don't want to leave, so the Fall is when we have our turn.  Though it's cooled off recently, it's been pretty awesome this year.


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