Lessons from Mom

This morning I spent some time organizing my writing folder and I stumbled upon something I'd written after my mom's passing three years ago.  I would have liked to have posted it yesterday, the day that would have been her 76th birthday, but I thought I'd share it with you today instead of waiting another year and forgetting about it again. Though all of the words may not be original, they are certainly true.

Since this is supposed to be a photo blog I thought I'd share one of my favourite photographs of my mom.  She's dressed up for one of the many costume parties she enjoyed attending (circa 1960).  Wish I'd inherited those gams!

Things my mother taught me about...

make up:
Don't leave the house without lipstick.

Someday you'll have kids just like you.

Always do your best.

There's nothing like a group of women friends.

is mean spirited and unkind.

When you buy cheap, you buy twice.

will never find you if you don't let down your guard.

Some of the best times of your life are the simplest and usually include family and friends.

is essential for happiness.

Do things for others and do things for yourself, you're worth it.


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