Don't Let the Turkeys Get You Down

As I posted on my Facebook page earlier this week, I've been feeling a little grumpy and out of sorts the past few days "...for many and any number of reasons."  One contributing factor is the media.  The constant barrage of tragedy and fear mongering has become rather overwhelming.  Yes I realize there are troublesome things happening in the world and we should know about them, but the focus is so negatively skewed with no room for hope that I decided to go on a media fast.  Mr. Rogers' Mom used to tell him to "Look for the helpers..."  I think the current media has forgotten about this part of balanced news coverage.  I know you are out there helpers, and I thank you.

So news from newspapers, TV and radio are off limits for a while.  Sadly, it seems tragedy can find it's way to you in other ways and today I realized something more proactive is necessary.

Perhaps I can take a page from Mrs. Rogers' book.  Perhaps I can inoculate myself against being overwhelmed by the bad news, by looking for the positive around me.  While I was out this morning running errands, I decided to keep my eye out for things that made me smile and for fun I put my iPhone to use to capture the moments.   

Ironically, this thought came to mind when I took this photo after I tried to put money in the parking meter where I'd just parked my car.  

I was going to post it to Facebook with the caption.  "My life lately."  But in reality my life is pretty blessed.  My eyesight on the other hand, is not so blessed.  I seem to have issues with focus and the iPhone, likely due to the fact I need to get my new prescription for my glasses filled.  It always look fine to me on the screen.  I though I'd share anyway.  I would love it if you'd share a little in the comments about what made you smile today.

The Cookbook section of a used bookstore can cure what ails you.

I was seriously tempted to buy this purse/make up case.  There is something delightfully tacky about it.

 (Listening to "This is That" on CBC Radio 1)


 A visit to Lakehouse can cheer me whether I buy anything or not. (Regarding my desire to purchase used items only - a can opener is another one of things that needs to be new.)

Young people using old "technology".


  1. think your doggie BEGS a caption.. will need time to think... i hear your message... that old saying "no news is good news" is more true than ever... i have to eschew news often and that is okay to honour your own need for peace... we are so over-connected these days. Kristen

  2. LOL! I thought he needed no explanation actually, but I would welcome your wit! I appreciate your understanding of my search for peace. :) I myself am not one of the over connected. I thinking working from home helps, and I do not use the internet for news, do not subscribe to instagram, twitter etc.and my Facebook connections are more into personal news rather than world news. It's the regular media that I find is getting out of hand and I gather from conversations, the rest are just as bad. Perhaps the old formats are trying to find some way to grab attention from the new formats.


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