Scene Along the Greenway

I was momentarily surprised to see an empty dog park when I pulled into the parking area near the Greenway trail entrance at 10:30 Friday morning.  The sun shone brightly and temperatures were mild enough I didn't bother with a hat or mittens.  The trails were completely free of ice and only a little muddy.  I expected the place to be bustling with people running, biking, walking their dogs or horseback riding.  

During my hour long stroll I did see some fresh hoof prints but no horses.  One runner passed me by and gave me a dirty look when Max tried to say hi.  I greeted a senior couple and stopped to chat with an older gentleman whose earbud cords snaked out from beneath his deerstalker hat.  He was listening to the Canada/U.S. hockey game of course.  

I didn't have my earbuds with me, but since there wasn't anyone around, I pulled out my smart phone and put the game on, just in time to catch the very exciting third period.  I confess I let the dogs off leash and juggled my phone and camera while capturing some of the cheerful sights of early spring along the Greenway trail.

 The ubiquitous Canada Geese

The south trail looking towards Casorso Bridge.

 Extremely low water levels that will be rushing like mad in another month or so.

 Traditional structure on Westbank First Nation property 
just south of the creek and west of Casorso bridge.

 One of the many birdhouses along the north side trail.

 The Greenway begins to green.

 Ducks disguised as rocks (brrrrr!)

Max and Pitou!


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