A Splash of Colour

I returned home from running errands on Wednesday afternoon to find a tall narrow box leaning against my front door frame.  It was from my Dad and I had a vague recollection of him saying there was a parcel on the way, but I couldn't remember if he'd told me what was inside.  I carried the box into the kitchen, found an exacto-knife and cut carefully through the packing tape.

Inside I discovered a colourful quilt that my mom had started making for me when I was at university.

The beginnings of the quilt were discovered when we were going though boxes in my mom's computer room closet after she passed away a couple of years ago. My mom had signed up for a quilting course in Pickering Village in the early 80's.  She made some lovely place mats and a throw pillow and then decided she wanted to make me a quilt to have on my bed at university. Unfortunately while it was being assembled, some grape juice leaked through a knapsack and onto the quilt.   I'm not sure if she tried to get the stain out and failed, but I do remember she did intend to finish it eventually.   My mom's sister and her sister-in-law are quilters  and they took the quilt back to Saint John with them with plans to finish it off for me.  

I called my father and then my Aunt Linda, to tell them how much I appreciated receiving such a lovely gift.  It meant a lot to me to know that it was hand quilted by my two Aunts and the generous efforts of the women in their quilting circle.  My Aunt asked me if I had seen the tag on the back, and in my haste to see how the quilt looked on a bed I hadn't noticed it.  Here is a photograph of the tag that does an excellent job of describing the creation of the quilt.

I'm astounded by the quality of the quilting, as it says, all done by hand.

I hadn't noticed the butterflies in the corners and it is such a special touch.  I'm sure my mother would be very pleased if she knew of the kindness of these ladies.  Who knows, perhaps she does.


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