Pyramid of Gratitude

I was flipping across the channels on Sunday morning after we watched the movie "Unknown" and I discovered we get the Game Network or whatever it's called.  An old episode of the Pyramid was on, hosted by my first love: Donny Osmond. (Well, it's actually a toss up between Donny Osmond and Elton John). I couldn't resist watching the show even though I had no idea who those 1990's celebrities  were.  

For those of you who don't know the rules of Pyramid, the finale of the show happens when the celebrity says a bunch of phrases and the contestant guess what they all have in common.  

I thought just for fun I'd do this week's Gratitude Monday in a similar way.  I think you'll figure it as we go.  

Clues for Number One:
...because they are cheerful
...because they are tall
...because they re-seed themselves
...because they provide food for the birds

Answer:  Why I'm grateful for the sunflowers in my garden

Clues for Number Two:
....because it's pretty
....because it's cold but keeps things warm
....because it's fun to play in
....because it hides the doggy doo I haven't picked up

Answer:  Reasons I'm grateful for snow

Clues for Number Three:
...because it's beautiful
...because it has four distinct seasons
...because it's on the lake
...because many fun and friendly people are here

Answer:  Why I'm grateful to live in Kelowna

Clues for Number Four:
...because he's cute
...because he looks at me with love in his eyes
...because he makes me laugh
...because I can hold him in my arms like a baby

Answer:  Why I'm grateful for Pitou

Clues for Number Five:
...because I like sharing
...because I like what you have to say
...because I like to see where you are on the world map
...because I like to have somewhere to display my favourite photos

Answer:  Why I'm grateful for people like you who visit my blog!

Clues for Number Six:
...because sometimes I baffle him
...because he's a perfectionist in his work
...because he's handy AND handsome
...because he doesn't care when I tell everyone he has 36 pairs of underwear and 64 pairs of sox

Answer:  Why I'm grateful for the love of my hubby


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