Happy 99th Reg

On the March 4th weekend, the stars aligned and the offspring of Reginald Young (along with various partners and spouses) gathered together to honour Reg on his 99th Birthday.  Hope you enjoy these cell phone photos from our trip there and back, as well as some from the blessed event.

The Okanagan Youngs rose before the sun to beat the snow storm headed for the Coquihalla.

 It starts with Timmy's 

Heading down the hill towards Merritt.

 On top of the mountains.

 Into the Fraser Valley.

 Another Timmy's stop in Hope.

We  managed to reserve a spot on the Queen of Nanaimo, a non stop trip from Tsawwassen (Vancouver) to Long Harbour (Salt Spring Island) that doesn't run on a regular basis. Our usual route is Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay then switch Ferries to Fulford Harbour, which can take 6 to 8 hours.  This direct trip was an hour and thirty five minutes.

 Our view from The Beach House overlooking Fulford Harbour (Hello Whootie!)


 Hot Tub!

 A heard of Young men (Grandpa was napping in preparation for the festivities).

 Savoury gravy...

 Face time with Laurel ... we missed you!

 Vegetarian option (yummy!)

 It was a delicious roast beast!


 Behind every great man...

 Happy Birthday Reg... now in his 100th year!

 Sons of the father

 All the grandbabies

A snowy surprise the morning after...poor Whootie ...

Thank you sweetie!

 Lunch at the Tree House Restaurant in Ganges (still on Salt Spring for those who don't know)

Chai Latte

When you're 99 (or in your 100th year...) you get two cakes!

 Salt Spring to Swartz Bay

To make the connecting Ferry that arrives in Swartz Bay to take you to Tsawwassen, you unload from the Salt Spring Ferry, then you have to exit the Ferry terminal, drive up the Pat Bay Highway, take the first exit, cross the highway, get back on said highway and head back in the direction you just came from.  As you re-enter the Ferry Terminal you then stop to purchase your ticket for the next Ferry and cross your fingers that you've made it in time.  Stupidest system ever.  Grateful that the Ferry Fairies were once more on our side.  We were among the first to get off the Salt Spring Ferry and boarded the big boat with less than five minutes to spare.   Even though we were within the last three cars to load, we still managed to make it to the Pacific Buffet and enjoy a great view during breakfast.

Almost home....



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