Kelowna on a Mural

Sometimes google sucks.  I can find no information on this mural.  Going to have to do some deeper digging and get back to you.  I was heading to Knox Mountain for a hike on Sunday and took the back way.  I came across this stunning mural that I thought was painted on the back of the BC fruit packers building but it turns out it's on the back of a warehouse next to the Sun-Rype plant.,  The last few photos are a bad angle because there was a big truck in the way so I had to make my way around it as best I could.

It's a lovely mural by a talented artists (whose name I couldn't find).  I believe he or she has a fair bit of work displayed around our fair city of Kelowna B.C.

 ...and I couldn't resist posting a couple of shots of the lake from my favourite spot on Knox Mountain.

 Looking north

Looking south


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