September Blooms

I was driving down Abbott Street Saturday and decided to avoid Pandosy Village, via Walnut Street. As I approached the stop sign at Watt Road, a profusion of morning glories caught my eye.  I thought about stopping for a photo but there was a line of cars parked in front of them. I thought about coming back Sunday morning, but on impulse I decided to take a page from Reg's book:  The time to do the thing is now; you never know what the future will bring. 

I snapped a quick couple of photos with my smart phone, thinking I might come back the next day with the 'good' camera.  The more photos I took, the more photos I was compelled to take.  The gardens that surround the Palisade Apartments at the corner of Walnut and Watt are stunning.  One hundred and forty three photos later....  thought I'd share a few.

 I love this one where it looks like the Dahlia is saying "shhhhhh".


 I don't think I've ever seen an Iris blooming in September so I had to capture it.

I liked the way the rose snuggled up to the railing.


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