Intensive Summer Writing

In May, I came across a UBC Okanagan writing workshop quite by accident.  It turned out to be located in Woodhaven Eco Cultural Centre, very near my house.  The only way it would be more convenient would be if it was held in my living room, so I signed up.  Here are some photos I've taken over the last few days for those curious to see the setting.

Yesterday we took a walk across the road to Woodhaven Regional Park where we did some five minute sense writing exercises and were attacked by viscous ants.

Working in a natural setting is something I enjoy immensely.  I feel very much at home - my last name is Wood afterall.  There's been a juvenile bear in the area for months now and someone saw it early yesterday morning, as some composte was left out.  The obligatory sign went up, though the presence of our group will certainly keep it away.  We've also seen a few deer in the bushes that surround us and one crossed my path when I biked home one lunch to let the dogs out.

It's been interesting and enlightening and more academic than I expected.  The mornings are spent in discussions more lofty than I'm used to, but I'm learning a lot. It's been 30 years since I've been in a university class so I've had a few brain cramps but I've enjoyed the process.  The feedback I've gotten has encouraged me, filled the well and has me itching to send my manuscript off, after some judicious editing. 

 One of the participants is staying at our house and is considering the Creative Writing program at UBCO in 2016.  We did a quick tour of the campus yesterday afternoon.  The library was my favourite spot.


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