Favouring Fall

As I type, the sky is mostly blue and the sun is shining brightly.  I'm very grateful for this golden Autumn in the Okanagan.  

More creativity from the Mission Greenway Wood Faeries? 

As seen from the lower path of Mission Ridge

When the City renovated Bernard Avenue I was very sad they got rid of these beautiful ....grates?   When I visited Kelowna Art Gallery last week I was pleased to see there are still some on Cawston.

Looking east along Mission Creek.

Walking west along Mission Creek

On Friday I took the dogs for a walk/hike along Bellevue Creek to an open area with a picturesque retention pond near the Leung farm off the Gordon extension.  It's a win win because the dogs can chase each other and sniff and pee on everything in sight while I work on my photo skills.

I had a dream the other night where a woman who was visiting me (no idea who) told me my photos were boring and I should take them at an angle to make them more interesting.


This photo was taken the following day when I made my fourth visit to the area, in search of the keys I dropped ...somewhere...

The 2003 Okanagon fire swept through here leaving some natural wooden 'sculpture' that I find quite fascinating.  This one always makes me think of a peacock, or perhaps a pheasant with a top feather that's gotten quite out of hand.

Don't know what it is but there's something I'm really loving about the changing colours of the leaves on our grape vine.


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