You Wish!

This morning, with Spring and the rainy season fast approaching I took the opportunity to remove the wishes from the Wishing Tree.  I have copied the wishes for you to read below, exactly as they occur on the tags, including any grammar and spelling errors.

People rarely wish for "things" or money though there's nothing wrong with it if they do. Reading so many of these wish tags leaves me with a bitter sweet feeling. It warms my heart to see that people so often wish for things for others.  And some of the things people are struggle with really break my heart. I wish the best for everyone who posted this year, and I wish the best for you too!

I wish for peace determination & Love filled Xmas for those suffering with cancer

I wish that everyone gets what they want and be happy

I wish no one would die painfully

I wish for all the people I love to lead a happy and positive life

I wish my missing dog MAPLE would be ret'd to us

I wish my kids wouldn't grow up so fast

I wish for happiness + healing for our friends and family who are suffering with illness and cancer.

I wish this Christmas and 2014 to bring financial stability to the lives of my children and grandchildren. They need a life with less worry!

I wish I could marry Justin Bieber and the Janos_______

I wish I could be a professional dancer. ♡

I wish for our premier to have the Wisdom to turn the short-term benefit and long term cost of oil & gas development into environmentally and socially focussed new business developments and responsible programs for our province. + A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

I wish for Health for all my family.  Carrie from Calgary.

I wish for world peace

I wish all children to be safe, warm and loved

I wish I had a pony

I wish that I didn't start cutting because I thought it would make the pain in my heart go away.

(When I read this wish I felt distressed to know that someone was suffering like this in my neighbourhood.  I tied a note to the wish, urging them to get help.  I wrote the Kelowna Crisis Line's phone number on it, and the phone number of a Psychologist I know who has treated young women with this issue.  My wish is that he or she was able to get some help.)

I wish my dog would stop eating my house and my car.  Be safe and Happy.

I wish for true love

for it to snow more

I wish the girl I'm crushing on will start liking me.  ♡

I wish my son and I could find a way to reconcile in love

I wish that everyone gets what they want for christmas

Together forever

I wish that my son grows up healthy and happy.

I wish for everyone on this earth to be loved

I wish for tolerance & mindfulness for All!

I wish everyone five minutes to stop, breath, & feel gratitude for the chance to do so.
God Bless :-)

I wish that there were cats everywhere that loved everyone.

I wish that it would be easier to move on from him.  And that everyone has a good day.

I wish that unicorns, Narwals and cats would come together and create world Happiness.

I wish to be happy and make others happy.

I wish for humans to be one with the Earth and animals again.  Peace & Love.  Happy holidays. ♡

I wish I wasn't fat.

I wish my Mom ) Dad and family is safe.  friends I wish my family in heaven love too

I wish to graduate and be happy.

Jesus is King.

I wish I was Happier.

I wish to have the strength to pass my post secondary coarse

I wish I could go to Paris  :) ♡ :) ♡

I  wish that I didn't have to have math.

i wish i had that people would stop being Rud.

I wish he'd ask me out.

I wish we had a tree house!

I wish service would work here and world peace.

I wish that I had a Dad I wish that peple will have a good Day

I wish I could have an i-phone5.

I wish for peace.

I wish that I could go to Paris.

I wish for camera:  cannon ft ql

I wish I had a healthy relationship with my mom

I WISH FOR AN elephant!


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