Sunday, December 29, 2013

Top of the Pops

As we near the end of the year the "best of" lists are popping up on radio, TV and websites everywhere.  My blog is no are the top five favourite Pocketful of Memory Card posts of 2013, chosen by you. Click on the title below the photo to see the full post.

Number five is one where I blather on about photography and film.  There's no photo with "Weekend Ramblings",  just a link to some cool movie shots.

Number four is a post that describes some of our trip to Wells Gray Park in August.  It was one of my favourite Canadian vacations so far, and I can't wait to go back next year.

Number three is a Wordless Wednesday in the autumn that covers 
L.A.  and some of the best fresh fruit and veggies in Kelowna.

Number two was near the end of the year: a late post that shows the lovely Fall colours of my favourite season at one of my favourite Kelowna markets.

The Number One post of 2013 is a photo journal taken along Hollywood Boulevard from the trip I took to L.A. to drop my daughter off.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Do's, Days and Dinner

Off to "The Legendary"; Ellen and Karla's annual Martini Party

 The Reason for the Season

The decorating the Christmas tree party


Christmas Eve

 Steal the present game

King In The Corner


Nicole  made a quilt out of old t-shirts with some of Adam's favourite bands and video games

The gift in Nicole's Christmas cracker

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Christmas Poem for You

'Twas less than three weeks now, until Christmas Eve
And Suzan was wishing this cold snap would leave!
Still she braved frigid temps, hung her sign up with care,
And now tags on The Wishing Tree danced in the air.
At night as she burrowed ‘neath the sheets on her bed,
She pulled up the duvet, ‘til it covered her head.
And if Max wanted out for a three a.m. crap,
She’d pretend she was sleeping and give Mike a tap.

Hibernation was something she thought she should try,
But then Old Saint Nick, surely’d pass them right by.
She began to act Grinchy when she had to go out,
She'd gripe and complain, and sometimes she’d pout.

As her mind mused on Santa and Grinches and Max,
She thought a great thought that stopped her in her tracks.
Though the weather was frightful beyond all good reason, 
It was love that would warm her in this festive season.

For when you share time, with your family and friends,
The love surely grows and the warmth never ends.
Love, friendship and laughter make life ever rosy,
And she thought about those who would help her stay cozy.

“There’s Tracy, and Mary, Gisele, Val, and Kristen, 
Christina, Lea, Lisa and Nancy that vixen!
There’s Krysta and Janet, Stephanie and Cherise,
Lesley, Catherine and Sue, Lori-Anne and Louise.

And so many more that I can’t list the rest,
But they’re all in my heart, I feel humbled and blessed.
From the Top of the Rock, to the notes on my Wall,
we laugh away, laugh away, laugh away all.”

So when you are thinking it’s cold and it’s dreary,
Just call up a friend and soon you’ll feel cheery.
They might even say, if the timing is right: 
“Merry Christmas dear friend, let’s go out for a bite!”

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Photos By The Hour

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!