Top of the Pops

As we near the end of the year the "best of" lists are popping up on radio, TV and websites everywhere.  My blog is no are the top five favourite Pocketful of Memory Card posts of 2013, chosen by you. Click on the title below the photo to see the full post.

Number five is one where I blather on about photography and film.  There's no photo with "Weekend Ramblings",  just a link to some cool movie shots.

Number four is a post that describes some of our trip to Wells Gray Park in August.  It was one of my favourite Canadian vacations so far, and I can't wait to go back next year.

Number three is a Wordless Wednesday in the autumn that covers 
L.A.  and some of the best fresh fruit and veggies in Kelowna.

Number two was near the end of the year: a late post that shows the lovely Fall colours of my favourite season at one of my favourite Kelowna markets.

The Number One post of 2013 is a photo journal taken along Hollywood Boulevard from the trip I took to L.A. to drop my daughter off.


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