Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Very Ladner Christmas

Had a great family Christmas at the home of my little Sis and her family.  
Special people, special times, much gratitude.

 The Connector:  foggy as per usual.

 We never made it to the Coquihalla on the way there as an accident had it closed by the time we reached Merritt.  Highway 8 to Highway 1 was slow but much better conditions.

 Our first dinner was a big family dinner at the home of Adam's girlfriend's folks where
Kayla made two tasty Chilli's one ConCarne and one Veggie, and delicious 
pumpkin cornbread for which I forgot to get the recipe.

 Selfie for Carmie

 A rousing game of Junior Headbandz

 Christmas morning the Elf on the Shelf made snow angels in the flour.

 Visited Adam and Kayla's place in Vancouver and met Sheba, our newest grandkitty.

 Went to the annual Heald-Paris Boxing Day Bash

 Such a talented bunch of people!

 More cowbell!


I have attempted to rotate this video a few different ways and have had no luck. 
I still think it's worth posting though.

 Our artistic talents, or lack there of, made for a fun game of Pictionary.

Merrytime Seafood night with lobsters 
Larry, Lester, Marvin, Jeff, John and Bisque as named by Shane.

Marvin was the blue one.


 Surf or Turf on our final night at Steph's

 The Poole gene pool:  Marlene, Ron, Brad and Shane.

 Little buddies Pitou LeChien and Steph's Frenchie; Hank LeTank

 Much better weather for the drive home on the Coquihalla...

 and the Connector
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!!